Material Specifications

23k Gold Leaf – Hand Spun Composite Gold Leaf – Hand Spun Engine Turn Gold Vinyl
DUKATEN Gold, 23.5 Carats alloy 985, thickness @ 0.000125mm Color #2.5 Imitation Gold Leaf (Schlagmetal) VinylEFX Engine Turn Gold
Our products use only High-Performance vinyl, PVF (polyvinyl fluoride) and
polyester-based films with external ratings between 5 and 8 years which
normally translates into several decades for vehicles which are stored
under cover. All of our traditional metal leaf and VinylEFX Durable
series are laminated with a High-Performance Clear Vinyl which extends
the external durability by approximately 5 years. This laminate extends
1/8″ or more beyond the edge in order to protect it from being lifted
off during regular cleaning. If your application will be severely
exposed we can on request laminate with Gerber UVGuard™ 9 which is
manufactured by 3M and will extend durability by 9 years. Our printed
Vinyl and  3M Scotch-lite products are coated with an abrasion and
UV protectant which extends their life by approximately 30% under
normal conditions. Our traditional leaf products use the highest
quality leaf available.

Oracal HP Vinyl
Gerber-3M Vinyl
3M™ Scotchlite™Vinyl
EFX Engine Turn Gold